Dinner is Served the Drew and Jye way!

Today the boys were in charge of cooking the family a whole meal.... and from the beginning had to do the entire thing themselves. It was a chance to make all the menu decisions and actually co-ordinate the cooking to understand the process of timing the different elements and of course work together and serve the food.

First thing in the morning preparing the chicken pieces with honey mustard for later on.

Getting ready to put the chicken in the oven......

A little olive oil.

Setting the table.


Best result of all.... cleared plates!

Chicken smells..... what can I say? More guests?

I have to admit not only did they cook a great meal but it was low stress and done in a very responsible matter of fact and fun way. The salad was particularly wonderful including walnuts and grated carrot..... It was delicious!

Drew's Latest project

Check out Drew's latest self directed computer video project.... I have no clue how to do this but i have to say it is pretty cool.....I do recognize it is a many step production and this is the first of many steps to understand how to do video after effects.


So for our art lesson today and taking into account the inclement weather due later on in the morning we started our homeschool lessons off outside in snow overalls jackets and boots armed with four spray bottles of water and food colouring...... actually I requisitioned some recycled bottles i had washed and stashed away...... and armed with four colours we hit the snow.

Curious to see what happened when one tried to spray on snow.... we really had NO idea as we have not done something like this before and as far as i am concerned the possibilities are endless. Thank you to Sarah for giving me the idea and as we went we adapted in place... some photos:

We REALLY liked the effect and it was great fun. Next time... we choose a slightly smaller snow pile..... as it is important to be able to reach... and of course you don't want to stand on any painted sections... so we learned a lot just doing it... great opportunity to play outside and leave a colourful mark.... i did have thoughts of drive by snow on lawn painting..... blue spotted snow anyone? Using food dye means to negative environmental impacts....and of course it is covered up by the very next snow shower.....and you can start again... camera in hand. 


Browsing the catalogs and making lists checking it twice time... you have your seed orders ready to go yet? I have to admit this year is harder because i have to make sure i cover all bases.... what are you ordering? Below are some useful sites I can recommend as being best of the best.
Baker Creek Heirlooms:
Missouri seed company that maintains a huge stock of Open Pollinated varieties, including many varieties brought to the USA for the first time. I have personally ordered seeds from them and their service is second to none. 
Their physical catalog is delectable in its images and information.
Badgersett Woody Agriculture:

Site hasn't been updated since May... maybe give them a call?
Hope you find the links both useful and perhaps if you have not started a food garden before will take the plunge this year. Happy browsing.

Winter and Staying Fit

So part of my new routine is to go to the gym four times a week for an hour just to get me more conscious of my fitness specifically during winter and also to work some muscles to make sure my weight doesn't balloon with some of the limitations I find during winter. Not saying for a moment that one needs to do it but it allows me some alone time and some girl time with friends and get's me some time where i can focus specifically on myself.

So it also allows me time to get out of the house every single day during the school week which with home schooling is IMPORTANT. I already am finding it both fun and motivating and it is something i haven't done before.. so it is also a bit of an experiment. I am very active but there is a difference between activity and targetted exercise and that is for me the main idea! I want to reduce my % of body fat (2%) and trim up and drop some pounds!


Is my new addiction...... be warned.... it is VERY VERY VERY ADDICTIVE... especially if you like to doodle.......  But it is a wonderful fun drawing tool!