We bought another 5 mixed breed reds from the local Amish chicken farmer to add to our young flock. We figured that by adding some already producing girls we could reap the benefits of eggs and balance the age group of the clutch of chickens we were growing to producing age. The kids are into it....... this week we added metal sheeting to the roof and a gutter which collects the water into a rainwater tank for water on site for the chickens..... closing the input loop. More photos to come..... we did the last bit in the rain as we wanted to get the tank filled in the current few days of rain we are expecting...... Rain util next Tuesday...... so we will see how quickly we can fill the tank.

I am very pleased with our project so far it is giving us a lot of pleasure and of course.....EGGS! The quality of home grown eggs is far superior to those purchased in the supermarket.... no compariston.

Chickens Ducks and Eggs

One of the main projects this Spring has been the establishment of our own chicken house......complete with run right next to the vegetable garden...... beginning the building project....this is all recycled materials from when we demolished the old back porch roof