The Great Awakening.

As the spring begins to manifest it becomes clear that the small changes I see herald warmer days are getting closer... there is much dripping and melting and the bare ground is more prevalent than the snow covered ground.... at least in the open areas.

Today we lit the outside fire again to process more Maple Syrup and enjoyed cleaning up wind fallen branches and burned them to good effect while also cleaning up the yard in the process. One thing about the first weeks of spring is the sense of messiness the place seems to have.... without the green grass and lush vegetation everything looks dead on first glance... but there are bugs... there is new growth and budding... there is baby rabbits.. and evidence of life if you sit still and just absorb what is happening around you for a moment.

It is very heartening.

Maple Sugaring... The reducing

Yesterday we lit the wood fired hotplate and barbecue to reduce the Maple sap ... as time progressed and i realized increasing the surface area was the main point i added the lasagna tray and had three pot's on the heat.... but time got the better of us and had to pause overnight..... more reducing the sap today! Finishing off the batch indoors.... since... it is snowing. First test batch is complete... need to reduce the next batch further as the syrup is too thin.

Maple Sugaring... our first time.

So today we began tapping some maple tree's for maple sugar.... first time doing this but very EXCITING for me nonetheless. I have more questions than answers.... but I seem to be muddling along ok.

Stage one..... collecting the syrup..... so far so good. Tomorrow..... a little boiling.....

Check out the thread about it on Sustainable Country.


Once a month or so the Boys Take Over the kitchen and cook the family a meal. They get to choose what they cook and I assist with information but they do the whole thing. Today it was Roast Chicken and Vegetables and it was delicious..... served with a creamy herb butter sauce. No mishaps... nothing burnt and a  good lesson in paying close attention to time and the order in which to cook things. It was fun and practical and empowering. They are becoming quite adept in the kitchen. 


So this is a cheer myself up with images and garden photo's to remind me that the monotone white and grey landscape of Winter is on it's last legs and green really WILL poke through again and the hummingbirds will return and the blue sky will be back.

ahh that is better......... Spring comes soon enough i know..... but I am ready!!!!