Towards Tomorrow Series: Intent and Environment.

One of the repeating themes in my life is the way we as a human species have 'affected' the whole world environment in our negative impacts as an exosomatic species that uses up energy in a way no other species can be said to have done. From the way we burn and use stored energy in fossil fuels to the mining of our soils and the population of the planet putting stress on the environment.

It will have consequences.

I do think there is now KNOWLEDGE and CHOICE in a way that was not possible previous. The question is whether or not we ACT on that knowledge as a collective consciousness. I have some hope that could happen.

The iconic leaf tree represents the tree of a single leaf reflecting on the unity that is needed to achieve 'garden of eden' status on our planet. Are we ready as a species......? There is always hope. The tree is surrounded by the energy of change and the love of wild places is evident in the symbology employed.

I prefer to consider our future bright and perhaps for humanity to have less negative impact on earth i think change is in our tomorrow. Big change......and i do believe a change for the better.

This is a painting within painting and is available for me direct.


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I often wonder if my art in any way transforms the way people look at the world. It is something that i consider art SHOULD do weather on a spiritual, emotional or even political level. As an artist i often intend the message of what i am communicating becomes part of the whole...... i use iconics quite deliberately as also light and colour to this end........

For 2008 as the world moves closer to the biggest changes it has ever faced and the increasing rate of change creates disequilibrium i sometimes wonder what sort of a world my children are going to face....while i cannot impact greatly the world as such.....i CAN impact my children and those near and dear .......

Perhaps too my art can impact a wider audience...... so for this year my new series of works will be directed towards the purpose of change ........ and the future as i percieve it.

As a planet i see a peaking and changing of the world as we know it.......and a new age is in the making........