Looks like we start the chicken house this weekend..........SO EXCITING!


Working on an area of the garden that is adjacent to the barn.......the strip of soil between the stone barn and the cement pad becomes a real issue in summer attracting yellow jacket wasps by having the goldenrod too close to the barn and HUMAN activity. I am very allergic to the wasp so anything i can do to minimise contact is a good thing. Since i did not wish to build a retaining wall to equal the distance between the two heights i went for a covering of rocks around which i will grow thyme and other ground hugging herbs...... for now just cleaning out the area to put field rocks on was the challenge. I have found a lot of broken glass and rusty metal courtesy of previous home owners.......so one needs to rake then weed .....with gloves and great care.

Trip to Australia.

One of the most exciting things to happen for a while is a long planned but suddenly locked in trip to Australia. The thing that probably made me act definitively was the wonderful cheap fares that qantas have offered. So Patrick Drew Jye and myself are off to see everyone and spend 3 weeks in Australia. The great part is that I get to finally hold my only grandson Hunter Jack and see my lovely girls that i really hate being apart from. Its been a rough ride that way for us all. Drew and Jye are beside themselves with excitement and have already been in touch with their friends in Balingup.....to let them know in advance so we can see as many people as time allows. It is also my intent to let Patrick explore some of the more interesting places.....i have a few on the list and i am sure there will be more added.

We leave July 28th! it is a long and somewhat tortuous plane ride..... i have done it 4 times now and didn't like it a bit ANY of the times..... the leg between New York and Sydney is SIGNIFICANTLY long...... especially with two boys to entertain.

So we spend a week in Melbourne with Madeleine and Caroline before heading to Western Australia...... picking up a campervan and heading down south so Patrick can meet my parents and the boys see Nana and Papa again...... not really sure who is more thrilled. The weeks are sure to drag here.....so i am keeping busy getting the plants ready for the kitchen and vegetable garden.......