Seriously... it disappeared in a puff of forgetfulness. I know we lived it... but things seemed to pass so quickly and now it is July! The garden is growing strong, we have baby ducklings in the smokehouse and eggs in the incubator. We have started harvesting cucumbers, lettuce and herbs and hit a really hot spell here in upstate New York. 

We also have a new isp... a much improved change that means i don't have to count my usage like before and so this should make it possible to post more regularly. 

We have had dog attacks on our chickens and ducks and lost two. So saddening for us all.

Right now I am working on gardening and when it is really hot putting some time into my art...... and increasing my stored food supply. I don't feel comfortable letting it get too low with so much uncertainty in the world and a real sense of the fragility of the supply chain and superstructures that support it. Moving to as local as possible is sensible in many ways.. food security is a priority in my daily life. Enjoying the moments are too.