Broken Arms, Seedlings and Ocean

What a busy time the last few weeks have been! Getting seedlings started inside making riffles with rocks in the creek ..... spring cleaning the house..... doing the quarterly reports for homeschooling and also administering the boy's P.A.S.S. tests in language, reading and mathematics. On top of that it is tax time....and that means locating obscure pieces of paper that my filing system swallowed for etax filing at the last minute cause that is the way Patrick rolls...... you know.... the whole err let's do it tonight before midnight kinda thing. NOT the way i like to do things but we are all different and it was still done on time so no complaints.

Doing a lot of sorting and simplifying is also important to note that during this time my darling car Ocean was run over and killed. I was totally DEVASTATED. It is actually hard to even think about as he was the BEST CAT EVER..... and i loved him.