Winter and Staying Fit

So part of my new routine is to go to the gym four times a week for an hour just to get me more conscious of my fitness specifically during winter and also to work some muscles to make sure my weight doesn't balloon with some of the limitations I find during winter. Not saying for a moment that one needs to do it but it allows me some alone time and some girl time with friends and get's me some time where i can focus specifically on myself.

So it also allows me time to get out of the house every single day during the school week which with home schooling is IMPORTANT. I already am finding it both fun and motivating and it is something i haven't done before.. so it is also a bit of an experiment. I am very active but there is a difference between activity and targetted exercise and that is for me the main idea! I want to reduce my % of body fat (2%) and trim up and drop some pounds!
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