So for our art lesson today and taking into account the inclement weather due later on in the morning we started our homeschool lessons off outside in snow overalls jackets and boots armed with four spray bottles of water and food colouring...... actually I requisitioned some recycled bottles i had washed and stashed away...... and armed with four colours we hit the snow.

Curious to see what happened when one tried to spray on snow.... we really had NO idea as we have not done something like this before and as far as i am concerned the possibilities are endless. Thank you to Sarah for giving me the idea and as we went we adapted in place... some photos:

We REALLY liked the effect and it was great fun. Next time... we choose a slightly smaller snow pile..... as it is important to be able to reach... and of course you don't want to stand on any painted sections... so we learned a lot just doing it... great opportunity to play outside and leave a colourful mark.... i did have thoughts of drive by snow on lawn painting..... blue spotted snow anyone? Using food dye means to negative environmental impacts....and of course it is covered up by the very next snow shower.....and you can start again... camera in hand. 
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