Winter in the finger lakes is a particularly interesting time of year as so many different things come to mind. Your organizational skills must be fairly well honed as traveling is sometimes more treacherous. Personally as an Australian in the snow you have to overcome some personal challenges..... being that snow is not something i have had many opportunities to become totally comfortable with. I think this winter my personal boundaries for driving have significantly improved. I don't get butterflies at the thought of it now..... but i would say i was far from complacent. I still have intimidations from the white stuff.

But as an artist it is a very beautiful time of the year and the world gets smaller and more pure looking as a lot of sins and mess are covered with snow. I like that aspect.

It is also a time to self reflect and accomplish some indoor tasks that improve life for all and focus on the quality of life within. It is an important time for personal growth and change. At least that is how i see it.

 Some photos from the last couple of weeks.

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