Today i took the boys out for a photo shoot at New Hope Mills as part of our homeschooling art lessons......Mostly because it was a great opportunity to take a load of photos and the weather was very snowy therefore I knew the results would be effective snow is such a great contrasting backdrop .... especially as Jye is just learning to use his new Nikon cool pix camera.

It was also a good opportunity for me to force myself to drive in inclement snowy weather.... and not let it put me off driving. As a western Australian in New York.... driving the boy's around in the snow is not something i have yet become easily accustomed to and it still is a bit of a challenge on very blowing snowy days.  But then..... now when i go out i don't exactly see a lot of vehicles on the road either..... seems everyone else is at home! Except for the truck drivers. Certainly there was no one stomping around the old Mill. It was a great opportunity to do some local area exploration and for the boys to have an experience they can connect some future historical information to for the rest of the week.