What an interesting year it has been since last winter solstice..... one of the most whirlwind in a while for me....Lots of changes and growth and dissapointment and joy and sadness all wrapped up into one.

My own personal focus is on creating as broadbased sustainable home for my husband and boys that is both sanctuary and inspiration. The world is moving in some disturbing ways at the moment.... and to be honest i have some significant concerns. It isn't just a question of Business As Usual anymore.... there seems to me to be an underlying malignancy in the world governments with regard to many issues. Most significantly the issue of overshoot or an economy based on an ever expanding resource base. Failed and finite as it is.... this way of looking at the world is not sustainable. Not only that but i feel it is already too late to make significant world wide changes needed to create a soft landing insofar as the majority of the worlds population is concerned. Peak carring capacity comes to mind.You can't help but think it isn't going to end well.

New Image.... DarkNight Tree..... Winter Solstice 2009

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