This painting grew from my desire to celebrate the tree as an icon for both growth (of the individual) and as a symbol of respect for the natural elements of our world. Portal evokes for me an element of 'CHOICE' and is part of my desire to celebrate everything I do in the moment of doing.......not to be confused with merely chasing gratification... but putting a smile in the day we find ourselves in...... 
Power the the power of loving ones self ones life and ones planet.....this love of self and planet is the most important road to happiness I know of......I WANT to be who I am and I KNOW what makes me is amazing how many do not.....As part of an Artists Challenge on the Art Wanted site I pushed myself a little further by going a painting when I had originally considered it finished.....something I NEVER do......and thanks to Tim Linville a fellow Art Wanted artist... I learned I could create this way too and I am happy with the results..... I LOVE LEARNING!!!

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