Wendy/Redreamer packing up Balingup

One of the most interesting experiences in my life has been living in this small community in the heart of the Western Australian Blackwood River Valley at a tiny village called Balingup.

I came here some 11 years ago and bought a wonderful old house which has been a creative work of art during my stay here. It also gave me the solitude and personal space to PAINT!!! In being relatively isolated it enabled me to develop my own style of Fine Art.......in a way the solitude could drive a person crazy....or one could naturally turn within for direction.....
I found that i could be alone with myself and liked it for a while...... but it leaves one both emotionally, intellectually and creatively hungry after a while and life moves on..........

Deconstructing my home has been thoroughly painful and an emotional rollercoaster. My real foundation for stability is being taken apart minute by minute and the only part that holds me together is taking it one step at a time.

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