I rarely bother with my Sacchi Profile and just recently rediscovered it and updated my information on there....and uploaded a photograph.... I had originally kept that site paintings only. After doing so was curious about what the *Sacchi audience/viewer* would think of my photo..... *In your Hands* as a way of gauging it's appeal. So i entered it into the current Showdown....... of which there are some 5,700 or so entries...... 

So if you like the work i would appreciate a VOTE.... i rarely have asked for votes but in this instance thought it worth while..... it is entirely optional but i can say without any attention from me the piece is doing fairly well..... and i would just be happy to make it past the preliminary round..... so


To vote, you must sign up for Saatchi Online. You can sign up as a new member through Saatchi Online or connect through your Facebook account at

Preliminary Rounds

All entries will be displayed two at a time, where visitors can come and vote by clicking on the one they like most. Your artwork will go up against multiple entries and will be given an equal number of chances to be voted on during the course of the preliminary rounds. As the preliminary rounds progress and entries are whittled down to the highest ranked, Saatchi Online will announce the top 128. At this point, the Showdown Tournament begins and will become a basic single elimination bracket of the top 128 artworks. If you lose, you're out.
THIS is a direct link to my entry.

PLEASE VOTE!!!! THIS is the image! "In Your Hands

and thank you.......

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