Redreaming Spring..... or Winter Wondering's

So i am itching to get things in the garden.... a couple of warm days at this time of year tends to do that to you and encourages a forward thinking about growing and dirt and seeds and outside time. But being the snowbanks are still very high...... i content myself with reading and planning and organizing what i will grow and what i learned last year and the changes i will make in the garden this year.

There is always something new to learn and read about.

Here are some links to things i have been reading about this week.
The Integral Urban House.... so many good ideas here!...... and it is from 1976! BRILLIANT read.

I have ordered some seed potatoes this week too...... from HERE  and and relocating potato growing this year closer to the rain barrels for any extra water they might need.....
This is pretty much the method i will use to grow potatoes....

But will also do some hills.... I prefer to grow things a couple of different ways to make sure we get a result.... Potatoes are really pretty simple to grow and also store....and an excellent source of calories.

I can dream..... because soon the day's will lengthen and i can get my hands dirty again!
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