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Not just the WHY but the HOW

As the Administrator Alex put's it....

Suffice to say many of us believe that the need to live a more sustainable life is about to become a necessity (instead of a luxury).

So for all the readers that are working on living a quality life more sustainably a new forum is now on the web dedicated to working out the details of HOW to do it from those actually endeavouring to make changes in the way they live.

So if that sounds interesting to you please check it out. HERE

The setup is well organized and clear and I believe it is a community that will answer some of the specific issues with decoupling from the system at the same time as being supportive for people working on their own particular projects. If you grow your own food or raise chickens or home school or just want to understand how to go about those projects then I believe this online community might be for you.

Creative people living in the here and now and redreaming and reassessing what is important.

At the same time of course we are knee deep in several projects here at home.... we added more ducklings to the flock..... we are harvesting daily.... and of course with that comes the canning and the drying and the processing of the bounty. The weather has been mild and cloudy good gardening weather.... and we are also beginning to think about rehousing plans for winter for the poultry... it is high time we re-evaluated the way they are managed over winter.... and we believe we have a good plan,,,, Upstairs in the barn.... we are building them a new home... its amazing how much space there is up there,,, photos to follow,,, the boy's are very motivated.
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