From early morning until late at night it seems there is always an element of working with the produce going on..... picking, washing, cutting, canning, dehydrating. bagging, freezing.... then of course the clean up...... rinse and repeat.

This year the garden is producing heavily the weather has been kinda and there is no blight to contend with. More produce planted means more work going into preserving it.
One of the best resources i have come upon for supporting canning efforts is THIS

WHAT an amazingly useful sight for information and of course the best part for me is the photos that go with each of the recipes and methods and the step by step format. WONDERFUL discovery that supports and adds to the knowledge i have already gained from doing it for myself.

More photo's to follow.... sneaking in time when i can as the tomatoes are really producing strongly at the moment. Partly drying and canning are my preferred methods of storage with also some frozen cooked pulp as vegetable bases for winter stews.
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