May Meanderings

So we have been working on a few jobs around the home dependent on the weather at the time as it has been typically all over the place from cold to hot and wet. So FIRST THING i tend to do is check the weather to see what to expect and see if it is an inside or outside job kind of day.

This has meant three different projects running at the same time.... not to mention the fact our chickens have been sick with a contagious bronchitis and we have lost so far three to the infection despite our best efforts. Been quite the learning curve... mostly introducing a new member to the flock needs to be rethought as that is how we developed the problem in the first instance. One of the chickens bought at auction was obviously infected and before we knew it..... we had an entire coup of chickens sick!

Identifying what was wrong was the primary concern from there it was a question of separating out the sickest animals for special attention.

Headed out to Grisamore Farm for plants for the vegetable garden and while there we met a cute little lamb that posed for the camera.

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