GULF OIL DISASTER Pandora's Box is full of Petroleum.

Where to start? Mostly it starts with Hubris. from there spirals into one of the most destructive criminal acts directed at the natural world.It appears to be  beyond  our current ability to fix it.

There is no going back. 

On a visceral level it is an outrage and the beginning of events we cannot in any way control or even imagine the long and short term effects and will continue to grow as time passes. And the solution? to add more poisons to the oceans! What is it about closed loops BP doesn't understand?

On a personal level I think that fire monkeys have gone way too far and i see this as a dire situation. I wonder where this will end?

 Tick Tock.

Some useful links:

Boston Globe photos.

Live stream

A blogger doing a great job deconstructing and discussing the Live Cam of the ROV in the gulf.

Megadoom's Channel on youtube

The Ongoing discussion at LATOC

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