One of the most obvious things for me is how much i grow when i am in an environment of other artists. As a creator one cannot always draw inspiration or create from ones own source. While its always helpful to have both a sale of ones paintings or an appreciative audience........really for me bouncing exploration of thought is right up there in the motivation game. I do have a fairly unlimited stock of ideas and experimentation in my own mind....... and the accompanying frustrations when things go flop....... (which of course on occasion they can do) but the conversations and connections i have access to through the internet certainly enhances for me the experience.

Last night i spent a goodly amount of time struggling to photograph the hidden image in this painting i was working on yesterday. After wishing to represent the sense of the basic world artists tribe being connected through thought and bright moments together i thought it would be useful to show the hidden image through photography. It failed. I cannot capture the glo in the dark element even tho it is VERY bright... talk about frustrating. Its a shame because it really changes the painting...... adds another dimension......

I began this painting by selecting gray as the priming colour on top of the gesso...... and its amazing how significantly it changes the atmopsphere of the rest of my palette....... i liked the result. The wavy lines represent the pathways through life, the journey archetype winding through our experiences and memories.

The random strokes represent memory making and people......some brighter in their effect than others........usually they are the creators and the makers.......the ARTISTS...... from which we tend to shine a little brighter as a result of the connection or contact.

The spriral form represents the artists both knowledge and visibility..... as we grow more confident, more skilled and more known the catalyst for creating around us also tends to increase...... well i have always thought so... there seems to be a flow on effect...... no one exists in a vacuum and i cannot help but theorise that more artists in the world is BETTER for the world..........i honestly think moving from a world information dependent to imagination based is a positive outcome. At the centre is the gem that is the artist...... represented here by dichronic glass......with tiny glowing lights within to represent the spark of imagination we all begin with.
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