Have you ever dreamed of creating JUST the perfect Art environment online?
Something that reflects both real living fine artists and unique fine art?
The groundwork has begun.
An artsite with a collection of quality art and quality artists with an international base and a single planet mind?
A collection of 'connected' artists ....... connected to their art. Connected to proactive ideas about how art should be shared with the public. Connected to bricks and mortar galleries and connected to events happening in many different locations with many different art styles and art types. That is the idea and that is the intent.
As this is the 100th POST on my blog i thought it APPROPRIATE to dedicate it to a crazy group of artists who have connected to each other for various reasons and cemented for me the idea that artists need artists. I have learned so much from this very cool group of artists who continue to inspire and support my thoughts, my art and my self.
To me this is the birth of a new way to make, share and imagine..............
How exciting is our mindseye.
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