Strange Spring.

Without too much effort those that spend a lot of time outside and in the natural world will find this year's spring is without doubt one of the least predictable seasons ....for me personally.... of all time.

The numbers of records broken and the number of unexpected and dramatic events has escalated and become much more visible. No I am not just talking about 'weather' either.

As a food grower it is given me some sense of foreboding in that every day now i see evidence that leads me to believe that runaway climate change is much further along than is commonly discussed. 

It has certainly changed my BEHAVIOUR in my planning for the season to grow. To begin with i have completely abandoned my idea of focussing on cold frames and changed priority to water harvesting and back up plans for keeping my crops alive over an unpredictable season. With such a significant snow pack reduction and the ongoing lack of rain i believe my concerns and experiences with the signs of drought will unfortunately be justified.

Already we are experiencing red flag fire danger warnings and watches. Here. In March and April. Stunning.
I observe that the carpet of sprouted seeds normally visible under the dogwood and under story in the forest is bare earth.

I notice that all the creeks and drains are barely damp in the bottom..... and the waterfalls are sadly significantly slowed down. I also notice that the flush of bright green as the tree's begin to leaf out is a much more sickly yellow than it should be. I also notice an increase in wind events and the Maple Syrup harvest was abysmal. 

This is just in my own local area but the story is being replayed all across the North East of the USA.

Will add more images later.....

But just to emphasise the point.

Rainfall departure from Normal.

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