Organic Apples and SNOW!

This year's apple harvest was a LOT challenging. Mostly because we have been in this place for 4 1/2 years and the apple orchard tree's were about 3 year olds when we moved in. This year they hit SERIOUS production for the first time and with some 40 tree's to pick..... i didn't really expect or plan on such a bountiful year. Very much an oversight.

Next year I will do a roadside stand...... this year i have given the apples away by the bucketful and still canned huge amounts, dehydrated huge amounts and baked huge amounts.

There are still boxes and bags of apples all over the place... moving them all down to the root cellar part of the cellar this weekend when i have young legs to help carry them.

Time to double check snow boot needs in the house! One kid down... one to go... one day THEY WILL stop growing! 

Making Liquid Laundry Soap

I have been meaning to add this to my blog for over a week now and have just been too busy and have had several requests so here you go...... Part of our home school science activities was to make a supply of liquid laundry detergent that lasts 6-8 months for the time invested.....which is not a long time. Total time needed is about an hour ... half an hour to prepare the liquid recipe and about half an hour to bottle it up the next day.