Tomatoes Tomatoes TOMATOES........

This has been a brilliantly successful tomato year and i will take it!. It has also meant that i have had little time to update my blog... i have been too busy being hands on in the garden... and i am sure you understand... it is not just about the growing... it is also about the maintaining... the picking the washing the preparing and the storing of the produce to last through the winter months.

I have been dehydrating non stop for two months pretty much.... tomatoes and zucchini and herbs and summer squash... concurrent with that I have also been canning... roasting tomatoes making spagetti sauces and generally constantly washing pots and and other kitchen equipment and sterilizing jars.

Some photo's to follow...... and the only reason i have sat down to write this is because it is labour day... school starts Wednesday and life is about to get even MORE hectic at least for a little while.

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