Critters around the place..... and things start to grow.

The last week has been spent testing using the P.A.S.S. Testing materials for the boys and the tests have been sent off to be marked. Will be interesting to see how they went.

It has been a week of juggling time between the inside and outside needs of the homestead. Inside... a big clean up and rearrange... and outside planting weeding sorting and even some harvesting of herbs... drying them out in the this stage focusing on the lemon balm and the catnip.

We have also had our fair share of critters..... mostly rescued from the cats or fallen out of tree's during the early in the week big winds we had here on the hill.

First product from the dehydrator is this lemon balm tea...... spring goodness packed away for winter tea.....
It takes  A LOT of leaves dried to make one jar.... luckily it is now possible to do large amounts and being I started early in the season i should be able to get a decent amount put away.

The first Zucchini flowers!

We moved the Golden Comet's down to the Summer Chicken coop.... and the settled in very quickly and we have had no trouble with the Pecking Order this time! 
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