Of Straw and Manure and Chicks.......

The weather here in the last two weeks has been either cold or very wet and windy or all three. Not conducive to gardening.... though i have managed to get a few things done..... but the persistent cloud cover and darkness is not hurrying spring along much at all. Talk about a holding pattern. New Silver Sea brights in the chicken coup and a dozen Golden Comet chicks... so far added to the flock this year.

New Straw Bale raised garden with manure and garden goodness from a local horse stall over the top of a layer of rotting wooden logs...... more straw going on top and then I am heating it up before planting to make sure we get no unwanted weeds...... I did manage to get some time in the garden yesterday and started terracing the back of the kitchen garden...... but no outdoor planting yet.. I hope to get potatoes and onions in this weekend.... we will see. It is blowing 40 mile and hour winds at the moment and pouring..... let's hope the afternoon is a little calmer.
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