......And a warm day with a lot of Snow on the ground.

So yesterday was a really REALLY warm day for January and here in Sempronius the temperature reached a marvelous 49f. Sounds wonderful....... until you consider HOW MUCH snow on the ground is going to melt..... and then on top of it we had significant rains.

The weather bureau issued a flash flood warning ...... and discovered in the day when heading out to check on the chickens..... that all the water from the deep ditches on the side of the road were carrying COPIOUS amounts of water and emptying them into our little quiet creek. It wasn't particularly quiet any more. It wasn't even staying in it's banks anymore. As the house sits on the high point of the property there was never any danger of water getting into the house or even cellar...... but there was the issue of the paddock turning into a LAKE. Gee.... no one told me about this aspect of January weather. So as it transpired.... we didn't stay inside and do any book work for homeschooling.... we did move a few things further away from the water and the boys had free reign to play with water dynamics.....and experiment with large pieces of wood and water pressure. Good wet fun.


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