NYC with the family

The beginning of a GREAT ADVENTURE and will post as it unfolds..... today we leave the fingerlakes for NYC via the Shortline bus out of Ithaca.... will be interesting i am sure.... 5 hours on the bus with the family! Photos to follow!


Rainbow clouds seen here in the fingerlakes....... really unusual and gorgeous!


Some of the weekend the boys spent playing with smoke balls and sparklers and generally things that go boom, crackle or make a lot of coloured smoke. They had fun and were really delightful to be around. Spent a time cleaning out the chicken coupe and generally getting it cleaned out and fitted with fresh straw in preparation to our trip to Australia....
Lots of preparations still ongoing. Hire cars hotels and buses to NYC not booked yet.....that is this weeks main tasks. But that being said.....we are fairly well prepared on the homefront and and knocking tasks off one at a time.... Brushhogged all around the berry bushes this weekend and knocked down some of the goldenrod to allow other things to grow. Found a Gooseberry bush way down the back and brought it up towards the house and replanted it where it can grow good and strong and provide us with more gooseberries as it gets larger.
Main task at hand this week is probably going through the boys winter clothes and packing in advance.... as they have grown out of some of their winter things.... not exactly unexpectedly....but since it is winter in Australia I need to be prepared. 21 sleeps to go.......