The Great Plant Migration refers to the fact that the seedlings are ready to put into the ground. Interestingly enough it happens to be Memorial Long Weekend so apart from the fact i will have more willing pairs of hands.... i will also be doing it at the time when there is now no chance of frost.... *apparently*.

Lets just hope all is good...in fact the weather has been a little warmer than usual the last couple of days so keeping an eye on the seedlings so they don't dry out for the first couple of weeks might actually be more the issue.

Today i direct planted marigolds in the kitchen garden between the leafy greens...the lettuce, arugula, spinich and basil. Curly parsley and radish.. lots more to do..... but going really well. The asparagus has sprouted... the onions are well on the way as is the coriander and dill and chives.

Potato stacks are ready for the second layer and that also needs to be done this weekend....so busy garden times. Of course there's always time to take a few photos..... the first Swallowtail photograph of the season.

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