As part of making my art available to as many people as i can is creating positive online connections. The newest and best performing artsite I have recently discovered is REDBUBBLE.
Not only is the user interface simple and streamlined and very is also time sensitive and while other sites burden you with upload times for large images that is endured for each product created... Redbubble is simpler in that you upload a single image to create multiple artproducts..something that i have always wanted to see.
And it seems the site actually has BUYERS..... novel idea really for an art portal site. It performs well as a connection and a hub for finding art and also for staying connected to other artists. It gets a 10/10 from me.
I have my photography uploaded there now..... so if you are looking for a gift card or any other art product for someone you love for the Holiday season... I can suggest it is a ethical and professional place to purchase from.
please check it out!
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