This is one of the second Tower Series

Tower of Paintings within Paintings

On wood Painting within PaintingTOWER OF SONG

I have a feeling this is the beginning of a new collection of tower paintings based on my experiences here in upstate NY...... (wonder why)....... seems like the tower theme just wont be still and it needs to be sung.

12 inches x 42 inches

gouache gold leaf river sand pva glue glo paint.

One of the most obvious things about this place is the abundance....of life of water of greenery of trees and of for me and mine ........ JOY..... we are really happy and loving our new home here in the USA. We have each other and we have Patrick and it makes a difference to be wanted and whole and complete and we complete each other and its PALATABLE .... i could not help but try to translate that into a permeates every facet of my life.
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