Building A Deck

Since arriving in the US one of the most obvious lifestyle changes i had to make was the homes i had lived in here both in Connecticut and New York were not significantly connected to the outside and had little or no outside 'living spaces' ...... which is something we definitely wanted to change...the connection to both the outside garden and weather is an important element in my existance...... how can one live without breakfast on the verandah! so once Patrick and i had settled here in Sempronius the most obvious change needed at the house.... was an outside 'room' connecting the house with the garden and out most beautiful views and outlook.........

Being on top of a hill it is almost criminal to NOT..... so we engaged a local builder Daniel Mast and team to construct a deck full length along the back of the house.....and relocate the existing roof some 4 foot higher so it does not impede the internal views of the house.....which it currently does.

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