On the 14th of February at the beginning of the worst blizzard we have had this winter the family and i travelled some 3 hours away to Buffalo New York where the boys and i had an interview to process the final stage of our permenant residency application.

Apart from i can think of better things to do with Valentines day.......and BOTH boys were sick.....but especially Drew with pneumonia (and the antibiotics were making him throw up) we managed to rather enjoy our night away from Moravia. We stayed in the Holiday Inn on Delaware street and managed to enjoy each others company! I really liked being able to fall asleep in the same room as the boys and we managed to all get a really good sleep.

The staff at the Buffalo Office of USICS were FANTASTIC to deal with professional and treated us with dignity and efficiency. The security procedures entering the building were to be expected and things went smoothly. we managed to even have our interview and be out of there early as the blizzard had created some blank spaces as people had cancelled ! How cool was that.....

The trip home was treacherous with the trucks being considerably problematic in covering the car with slush and reducing visibility to NEAR ZERO at times........Patrick was careful and managed to get us home in one piece.
What this means for me persoanlly is i can regain some lost independence and open a bank account here and do ordinary things like join a library, and NOT be concerned someone was going to ask for a social security number before i could do anything.

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