Well for Patrick Drew and Jye and myself i suspect that 2007 will be about building and establishing ourselves in our new community and new home and building the new gallery.
Initially of course we will be settling in but it will not take long before we are ready to begin the Gallery project. In a way it has already begun as we are currently looking for a contractor to build on our cement pad........ the decisionmaking regarding the Gallery i can see having a long life in the future months to come.
I wish for the immediate future to at least establish a plan and a timeline....... aiming for a mid spring opening..... but i am not going to stress if that is not possible. It will happen when it happens .... on does just have to pick a timeline and work with it.
so come along for the ride ...... any name suggestions i would appreciate it if you emailed me...... OPEN to suggestions at this stage tho we are thinking that Sempronius/Moravia/Hathaway/Redreaming/Mindscapes are all words that can be considered for the name..... FINE ART GALLERIES.
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