The Concept" ;

The concept is a simple 1, to create a single work of art that incorporates the works of "Other" artists.

"A Collaborative of Donations from Free Thinking & Non Commisioned Minds"

My task is to design the "Housing around which, and in which, these works will be displayed as 1 work of art".

The title "Monumental Art" has been chosen by me to be clearly representative of a monument to the power of art as a dialogue ~ means of communication.

Monuments are a plenty in the world we live in, they surround us all the time. Monuments that depict "something" are always clearly visible as depictions of their subject matter, even tiny children grasp their meaning in thier own tiny way.

To my knowledge there is NO monument any where in the world that is a Monument to Art and .... Artists ... the creators of all art works.

Monumental Art hopes to rectify this hole in lifes conscious awareness of things around it. We need to remember Art just as we do War Heroes or other famous historic importances.

ALL works submitted remain the sole ownership of the creator, BUT all the rights pertaining to use of said works in Monumental Art become the sole ownership of "Monumental Art".

No one can claim ANY rights to Monumental Art, not even me. Either Monumental Art stands as the collaborative it was designed to be, OR those wishing thier work back can have it, BUT it no-longer has any right to have been a part of Monumental.

Monumental becomes the owner of its self. In being so in legal terms it can NEVER be sold as a single artwork.

Any attributed value to the title "Monumental Art" in its future, should such arise, will be by participation by anybody, handed over to an as yet an unnamed ~ un-created charitable organisation to be determined by those who have partaken in its "Original Birth".

Full legalities and their implications will be agreed now, by participation, to be discussed as and when and IF such needs arise. The majority holds in any such decisions. All minority participants in this area of legality will be entitled to remove their submissions, if they so wish.

This is the basic Concept of Monumental Art as seen by me at present. I suspect that if participation expands, so too certain finer details will be likewise expanded to overcome as yet unforseen issues. Thank You for reading this :)

Further details are below if you wish to consider entering, taking part in this idea ;)


1) I would like anyone interested in taking part in this project to create a work of art that is "their own", to their own style, and in materials they normally do art in ~ are familiar with. You should be the best judge of your own medium.

Size restrictions have to apply to anyone needing funding to take part in this. Choice of material background will be mine, I need your skills ~ efforts putting onto my sufaces.

Anyone with ideas on works over the approximate size of 400 square cms, that's about 20 cms high X 20 cms wide OR 30cms high X 12cm etc, who needs funding will have to discuss it with me prior to sumission ~ creation. Financial Limits have to apply. This said I already envisgae at least 4-5 "main pieces", but more of that later if this idea has takers.

This offer is open to ANYONE, no restriction on medium, style, subject, quality, the only restriction is no smut. I will reject it at every stage, even if I'm duped and have stumped up for it.

Nudity is NOT smut, erotica sails close to the edge of acceptable BUT not exclusively excluded, tasteful Erotica is always good art.

Phalic wooden tree stumps are IN (RQ) if thats what you really want the world to see you as a producer of. Graphically detailed phalic objects that have been crafted for explicit detail are OUT. Implied sexuality is IN.

ALL use of childrens imagery, regardless of permissions & who's child it is MUST be fully clothed in daytime clothing AND from the upper torso Up, IF a close up.

Personally for me imagery with children in is best at portraying innocence. Innocence is seen within a childs face, not its body. Just some food for thought.

Children in Artistic Imagery is an "Explosive" topic, please let us refrain from opening that debate on this thread ;) The work I seek for this project will NOT preclude the use of children, but it MUST have a contextual value superior to any that can be found in other subject matter.

Innocence ~Its values ~ eroded values is probably the only concept I would take imagery on with children in. Thank you ;)

Outside of what I state, I would expect any participant to be the only judge of the merit of their content. No-one tells you what and how to do your art now, so it is this that I want, "Your Work" ;)

There is no such thing as "Crap Art". Don't care what you've heard here or else where, there is NO crap Art .... ever.

There are learning curves, there is beauty in "effort", there is great value in works made inspite of issues, OR in co-operation of issues. Disability is NO excuse to dodge this project if you would like to take part.

Personal self opinion of "Calibre ~ Skills" is of no value to me (this means those who mutter "I'm not worthy") ALL members of AW who read this thread are eligable, their simply is NO exclusion zone, to anyone.

Finances are NO excuse to dodge this project IF you wish to take part (* see 3 for more info)

This about covers what I would like from anyone who fancies helping me to make "Monumental Art" become a reality.

Thank You if you have got this far ;)


2)Costs of producing donations & reimbursments:

I am NOT a wealthy man, I am a normal person who leads an ordinary life (ish). I have more than many, but much less than some think. I am just 1 of the lucky ones in life who likes to "have a go".

I had a vision some time back in my life, it is still in my head. Having aired it once or twice it seems others see ~ feel this vision too.

I have decided to make an attempt to make this happen in Reality.

I can send materials to people any where in the world if they wish to take part, "Within Reason". In said material sending, reverse postal costs will also be added.

This means simply that if you wish to take part, but currently eat soil out of your garden to stay alive ( are strapped for funds) AND you are not shy, proud, and prepared to email me, I can discuss what you have in mind, and how to make it happen for you.

YES, this means I will pay for you to Legally Own your own contribution to this project.

I respectfully ask that you don't think big, think small, a contribution is a contribution. I want your work, moreover I want what lives inside your head, in Artform ;)

I hope this covers any main questions on this issue. Thank you if you're still here ;)


3) Reimbursement is as above, in that having agreed via discussion on what and how much is needed, funds will be paid in advance ON TRUST.

I can assure anyone in here that any free rides will be restricted to a macDonalds Happy Meal, unless they can eat raw materials.

Participants are expected to have their own mediums to create their art. In this case the finished item is simply being donated to "Monumental Art".

Reimbursements will only apply for the works creation, NOT for any further costs incurred. ie returns of works upon dispute. All costs after submission will be borne solely by the participant.

If customs ~ the mailman lose my funds when sent, their will not be a second posting. Anything sent in the direction of the UK WILL get here. I will see to that, but it must "leave" its destination first, it must leave home soil before I can legally have it delivered.

If US customs withhold any outgoings we have to accept its loss OR you the artist must fight for its release, I cannot undertake such tasks from the UK.

Outside of anything written here I can discuss special causes ~ issues "privately". ie you might be prepared to finance production of a larger item (outside of what I have described) BUT want some "assurances from this end". This is an open door ;)

In short, if you make it, i'll ship it, to a point ;)

Thank You if you are "still" with this ;)


4) After contributions arrive:

Upon receipt of donated ~ completed artworks I shall publicly (unless otherwise stated) post acknowledgement in a relevant thread. I will also post written acknowledgement to said sender, signed by me.

Anyone wishing to "exchange" artworks instead of costs is welcome to ask ;) I can trade "your input" for my output within reason.

Nothing in any part of any texts I write here shall alter my initial proposal " Sole ownership is retained by the creator".

I expect participants to enter because they A) want the potential exposure and B) find this project exciting and worthwhile.

Fame as such would probably never happen EXCEPT as the collective we become, regardless of which piece caught who's eye and where. Some pieces will appear more prominent than others by their mere placement within the chain. This for me does not make the "better", it simply makes them "more visible"

5) As a final note it is my aim from the outset to "use" this piece to promote Art and Its Entire Meanings throughout those who see it.

I am hoping that with enough will, Support and sheer hard work, this piece can stand proud somewhere within the main city of Liverpool in time for 2008.

I summise that any pieces be here in Liverpool by July ~ August 2007 at the latest, so there is no panic to do a piece tonight ;)

I propose that anyone still reading this should set out to have some fun with this idea, not take it too seriously, .... NOT yet. We can agree that we have an ultimate goal, but getting there is about a million miles from this post.

Upon deciding to undertake my own involvement in this I will not be giving in, unless I die, NO JOKE. Please take this the right way but I am not a quitter, I will not be humiliated, brow beaten, copyright thefted, out done, flipped over, shafed or any other shennanigan.

If we undertake this, we do it together as a strong unified group, who support each other and get over fighting quicker than it can start.

Ultimately, to understand me you have to comprehend the meaning of "Integrity". In 44 years of life, my Integrity is unblemished and shall remain so, I have never sold out on anyone I get involved with, NEVER. I don't take kindly to those who seek to undermine my own integrity. It is the 1 thing that brings abrupt halts to my dealings with people, Lie to me and get caught I'll drop you like a stone, and tell everyone to boot.

This said, anyone who gets involved with me "I will defend their Integrity with the same vigour I defend myself with". You shake my hand on something, I will hold you to it, as I do myself.

A handshake is the only contract I have ever signed in my life worth honouring.

I bring to the table: access to corporate sponsors, small business sponsors, arts funding, everything I once was and have since regained out of life.

Thank You one last time IF you are still game for the project of my lifetime and perhaps your own ;)

I'm game if you are ;)

If this is all too heavy for everyone on here, I'll take no offence, none whatsoever, bury it, and move on with a smile on my face for trying. Hopefully you will too :)
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