After spending some time creating a new studio space with Patrick....... I am ready to Paint...... it is amazing to me how ones creativity can be so strongly influenced by one's surroundings.....mine certainly is.
There's something about the need to feel 'comfortable' in a place. I did know that to paint I needed physical space and obviously a certain amount of organization, light and music.......This of course was easy enough to provide.. though after a time it also became obvious that it was also about i relaxed I was and how much the space 'felt' like my space.....
I guess i learned something there.
It transpires to all aspects of my life it seems........... as a creative person in a new world so to speak i am surrounded by difference which to me is exciting. There are moments though when all of a sudden I get a sense of homesickness which is both an unlooked for and powerful feeling.
The first of the new paintings ........ layers of paint and pva on canvas.........Looking out from beneath the tower........
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