On reflection of all the changes and there are many occuring right now in my life the biggest hurdle I face currently is the transition from COMPLETE a 'temporary dependency' on those around me....... and i am finding myself learning new depths to that lack of independence at every turn.
In a situation where one relocates country and there is an obvious language barrier for example one learns to expect difficulty with communication..... BUT when one only shifts ever so slightly the to speak as in the difference between Australian English and American English .... one can never even see the 'mismatch' coming until one is not leaps unannounced and fully fledged into a conversation......which is mostly kinda fun and harmless... but what it also serves to do is REMIND one of the constant need to check meaning....... never a bad thing.
so now i am re-focussing on the whole idea of collaboration and co-operation rather than getting all hung up on what i cannot do yet, i shall focus on what i can with an aim to increase that to encompass continued change and growth, after all thats what life's about!!!

Tho i admit i have a lot to learn ................ egads!!!! ;)
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